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                                                                            Title IX Incident Reporting Form

For any immediate issues, or to report a life threatening emergency please call 911 immediately 

These reports are monitored and reviewed during regular business hours.

                                                                                        About Reporting

The University's primary concern is the safety of its campus community members.

The use of alcohol or drugs never makes the victim at fault for Sexual Violence. Moreover, victims should not be deterred from reporting incidents of Sexual Violence out of a concern that they might be disciplined for related violations of drug, alcohol, or other University policies. Except in extreme circumstances, victims of Sexual Violence shall not be subject to discipline for related violations of University policy.  


Filing this report will not be confidential (alternatively, please see the list of confidential resource options below that you may contact).
This referral form goes directly to the Title IX Coordinator. Once the referral is received, you will be contacted if you provide your contact information.

                                                                            Crimes & Immediate Assistance

If your concern involves a crime, imminent or immediate threat, please call 911 for immediate assistance.
Please note that filing this report will result in outreach to parties including support options, accountability, and appropriate referrals on campus.
In addition, investigation results will be referred to the appropriate offices on campus for review and disciplinary action.

                                                                           Options for Confidential Reporting & Support

Cortni Alexander, CSUSB Advocate/Survivor Advocacy Services: (909) 537-5040, cortni.alexander@csusb.edu

                                                                         Counseling and Psychological Services:

 909-537-5040 (24/7)
 San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services 24HR Crisis Hotline: 1-800-656-4673 (toll-free)

Please visitTitle IX & Gender Equity for a complete list of confidential resources available on and off campus. Please copy this link to paste in your favorite web browser.  " https://www.csusb.edu/title-ix '